Marriage Enrichment Groups

What are MEGs?
Marriage Enrichment Groups (MEGs) in the Washington DC area are groups of couples – usually 4-6 couples – who meet regularly (typically monthly and at individual homes) to encourage each other in the growth and enrichment of their marriages.

Can I join?
If you are a couple in a healthy marriage, value your relationship and want to develop and maintain a strong enduring marriage, then a MEG may be just what you want and need. A MEG will help you connect deeply with your partner and other couples.

What happens in a MEG?
A MEG helps couples develop the skills that help them address the problems that exist in all couple relationships. We commit to a list of time-honored guidelines that help to create a supportive, non-threatening environment.

What does a MEG meeting look like?
A typical meeting lasts about 3 hours with time for simple refreshments. A theme or topic or exercise will be part of the evening program. Couples will have a time to work together privately and with other couples.

What benefit is there to us as a couple?
The group’s goal is to form a supportive, non-threatening environment where couples can address problems and learn from one another

Where are these groups?
We form groups within the same general geographical location that meet in couples’ homes monthly. A list of interested couples is maintained for new groups forming or for filling a place in an existing group.

Who leads us?
After 2 or 3 sessions with an experienced couple, the groups continue on their own, generally with rotating peer leadership. Collections of exercises are available from Better Marriages so leadership involves little more than selecting an exercise and calling the group to order.

Is there a cost?
The only cost involved is that couples are asked to join the International Better Marriages organization. The cost for first time members is $35/year.

How long do groups meet?
Each meeting is about three hours. Groups decide, as a group, how long they will continue to meet at each evaluation. Usually a starting commitment is 6 months to a year. Periodic evaluation and refreshment is recommended which may result in another annual commitment. Evidence of the benefits of MEG groups is the fact that the groups often continue for many years, up to 15 or 20 years.

How do I sign up?
Send your request via e-mail or call to Barbara and Don Fairfield, MEG coordinators for the Washington Area Chapter of Better Marriages 301-552-4330 .