Q. What exactly is meant by marriage enrichment?
A. It means making marriages better – happier and more satisfying – than they are already. Rather than adding new components (as you would when enriching bread or motor oil), it means drawing out hidden potential – relational potential, we call it – that each partner possess, but which they have never developed. This relational potential could greatly increase their happiness, but is often unused and being wasted.

Q. Is Marriage Enrichment for troubled marriages?
A. Most every marriage has some troubles, so in that sense “yes”. Among leader couples in the Washington Area Chapter, you may find one of the partners is a psychologist, social worker, marriage counselor or other helping professional. However, they are not working in that capacity as a leader couple . So for really troubled marriages we urge you to get professional help.

Q. How does marriage enrichment differ from marriage therapy/counseling?
A. Marriage counseling is a way of helping couples who have run into troubles that threaten their relationship, and that they can’t clear up by themselves. This requires skilled help from a qualified therapist. We don’t recommend marriage enrichment for such people. Marriage enrichment is for people whose marriages are not in serious trouble, and not threatening to break down. You might say it is for marriages that are functioning reasonably well, but which could be much more satisfying

Q. Are there many couples whose marriages could be improved by enrichment?
A. Indeed, there are. Unfortunately, our culture has never paid much attention to the quality of a marriage – except in romantic poems, songs, and stories. The down-to-earth traditional attitude was that as long as a marriage held together – an “intact” marriage, it was called – that was all that mattered. The assumption was that a stable marriage was a good marriage.

Q. Who are the leaders?
A. Washington Area Better Marriages events are led by certified leader couples who have completed the esteemed training of the International Better Marriages organization.

Q. What is unique about Better marriages?
A. As opposed to various for profit organizations that promote time-limited programs led by individual “experts”, Better Marriages events are always led by trained married couples. Fees are minimal or non-existent.